This website is designed to assist individuals in learning about healthy, natural approaches to achieving optimal health and quality of life.

The topics discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any medical disease or condition, but merely to provide individuals with information so that they may make more educated decisions regarding their own and their family’s health care choices.

Traditional Naturopathy

Naturopathy is defined as: “…The use of all things natural in order to bring the body back into balance”.

Today’s hectic lifestyle is an open invitation to disease and other physical ailments. Individuals are finding that prescription medications are not always providing them with the long term results they are seeking. With their immune systems suffering from imbalances, they are looking for help from another source…..Traditional Naturopathy.

This┬ácomplimentary method of health care which focuses on the body’s innate ability to maintain and heal itself, has given many individuals new hope for obtaining or recapturing their health. Traditional Naturopaths offer herbal, homeopathic, nutritional, and body work options in addition to lifestyle┬ácounseling and natural therapies to help bring the body, mind and spirit back into a state of balance. Using the body’s inherent ability to heal itself by removing outside interferences, along with the introduction of the necessary building blocks needed to maintain health is the basis for Naturopathy. Aspects of care may involve air, water, heat, sunlight, diet, supplementation, massages as well as other natural therapies.

History of Naturopathy

Naturopathy dates back to around 400 B.C. when used in the Hippocratic School of Medicine. Classical, Traditional Naturopaths specialize in wellness by teaching clients how to apply natural lifestyle approaches to facilitate their body’s own natural healing and health building potential. The traditional Naturopath does not attempt to “diagnose” or “treat disease”, but rather recognizes that the majority of altered health conditions are the result of cumulative lifestyle effects. The combination of factors such as improper diet, unhealthy habits, stress, and environmental factors can lead to biological imbalances. This results in a weakening of the body’s state of health and subsequent breakdown of its natural defenses. The practice of Traditional Naturopathy is recognized as a common occupation at the Federal level (U.S. Congress 1928, 1929, 1930 and 30 Federal Court rulings between 1958 and 1978) and as such it is a profession protected under the 9th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

Advantages of Naturopathy

There are many advantages to Traditional Naturopathy and its use has proven to be beneficial in eliminating conditions with minimal risk of side effects. It treats the whole body by striking a balance between all faculties of mind, body and spirit (holistic). It does this by accounting for the physical, psychological and biochemical aspects of an individual. This “holistic” approach to health care facilitates the treatment of acute and chronic conditions bringing about positive resolution to conditions that have failed to resolve using conventional methods.

A Traditional Naturopath focuses on identifying and addressing the cause of the problem instead of masking the symptoms. As such, a Naturopath can treat conditions before they become life threatening and degenerative by using the holistic approaches which were described above or if necessary by referral to the appropriate healthcare specialist. Having your medical healthcare provider and your Naturopathic practitioner work together usually brings about a more complete healthcare plan keeping your overall health as their primary concern.

Our body tells us early on when there is a problem by providing us with “symptoms”. We can either respond to these symptom messages or try to suppress the symptom by using one of the many drugs on the market (Tylenol, antacids, etc.) which may help for a short while. However, unless the underlying problem is addressed and corrected, the drugs will no longer be effective and either a stronger medication will have to be taken or medical intervention will become necessary. If the underlying problem persists without being properly addressed, the body will begin to break down structurally. It is at this point that modern medicine will be able to use their diagnostic tools to diagnose and intervene medically. However, the intervention will be dealing with the ‘result’ of the problem and not necessarily the with the underlying cause of the problem.

Traditional Naturopathy concentrates on identifying destructive aspects of our diet and lifestyle in the early phases, when changes can be made to bring about long term benefits. This is best done before disease symptoms manifest and long before a diagnoses can be rendered. Once corrected, the body automatically begins to balance and restore itself. A Traditional Naturopath does not concern him or herself with naming a disease, but rather on identifying those underlying factors, which if not addressed, will eventually result in the manifestation of disease and illness. If a medical diagnosis has already been made, a Traditional Naturopath can still work with you to help bring your body back into balance using natural methods. Individuals have found that when they allow the Traditional Naturopath to cooperate with their medical practitioner their medical treatments can be enhanced and their recovery is smoother.

Is a Traditional Naturopath a medical doctor?

A Traditional Naturopathic Physician is not a medical practitioner. They are however trained in the use of natural remedies, health, nutrition, and other areas of health. When looking for a Traditional Naturopathic Physician you should look for one that is recognized and Certified by the “American Naturopathic Certification Board”. This certification means that they have the educational background and expertise required to practice as such. Many Traditional Naturopathic practitioners also hold degrees in other specialties such as Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Medicine, Acupuncture, Nutrition, etc.

Natural health takes time

We have become a society of “Instant Gratification”. When we finally decide to address a health concern we want an answer and a cure NOW. Naturopathy is able to assist individuals in many areas of health but it is not a “magic bullet” or “miracle cure”. It will not cure you instantly but will help you achieve your health goals surely. Allowing treatments adequate time to create positive changes within your body, mind, and spirit will bring about long term results ensuring general well being, a healthy disposition, and a happier and better quality of life. It took time to get into the state of health we are in, so we must be patient and allow Traditional Naturopathy to work at its own pace. “The results will definitely be worth waiting for”.

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